Installation of systems of ventilation and air-conditioning

The technical department of the company "Point of Climate" will help to implement the design, selection of necessary equipment you, make installation and starting-up and adjustment works, as well as to guarantee the service of the systems of ventilation and air-conditioning. All works are carried out in accordance with all the necessary normative documents and tolerance of the self-regulating organizations.

Installation of systems of ventilation

The specialists of the company "Point of Climate" carry out the full complex of installation works of any complexity on installation of systems of ventilation and air conditioning, including the integration of automation systems. All works on installation of the ventilation and pre-commissioning works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations, building codes and other normative documents.

 Stages of installation of ventilation system:

  • Installation of ventilation equipment in accordance with project documentation and the applicable regulations. The equipment of this type include ventilation installation, fans, heat recovery device, flow control, heaters, filters;
  • support the work of ventilation equipment, which also applies installation and connection sections of the ducts, summing up to the air ducts of air distribution devices in accordance with the given scheme of installation of ventilation;
  • integration of automated systems, performing functions of the comptroller of the parameters, the intensity of the air supply and other specified conditions;
  • commissioning of the installed equipment and the automated systems in operation - the customer receives a completely ready-to-use system that ensures adequate ventilation premises.

Our specialists are suited to each object individually, developing a separate plan of works. Depending on the purpose of installing the ventilation system and the planning of the structure  they choose device of a certain type and capacity. The terms and the cost of installation of ventilation is determined individually in each case.

Installation of air conditioning systems

The company "Point of climate " provides delivery, installation and commissioning of the entire range of equipment for air conditioning systems:

  • Monoblocks (mobile, window)
  • Domestic split system
  • Semi-commercial split system
  • Multi-system
  • Multi-zone systems
  • Vrv, vrf-system
  • Chiller-fan coil system
  • Rooftops
  • Central air conditioners
  • Сompressor condensing unit

Our experts are ready to offer you the best option for accommodation, installation of equipment and installation of communications. If necessary for you, our specialist arrived for a preliminary assessment of installation work, coordination and deployment plan of establishing an accurate cost estimates. Using these data, you can make the most informed decision about the ordering of equipment and installation.

We have experienced team of installers who are fully equipped with professional tools and accessories. For the installation of air conditioners are used only high-quality consumables and accessories are imported. For all types of construction works have the appropriate state licenses. Installation of air conditioning in accordance with building regulations.

The warranty period for installation - 1 year.

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