Maintenance of ventilation systems and air conditioning

Company "Point of Climate" offers a wide range of works on servicing of HVAC equipment at the sites of any complexity throughout the Central region of Russia.

Service includes:

  • The complex technical maintenance of the systems of conditioning, cold supply, ventilation and heat supply;
  • Maintenance of individual systems and equipment (chillers, central air conditioning, compressor condensing units, chillers, VRV and VRF-systems, supply installation, fan coil units, split systems, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, etc.);
  • Electronic testing and control of parameters of air conditioning and ventilation systems with use of modern equipment;
  • Diagnostics and complete integration testing of HVAC equipment (Diagnostics and full complex testing of climate technology) and engineering systems;
  • Out of starting-up and adjustment works on re-assembled and/or temporarily conserved equipment;
  • Warranty and current repairs of equipment of any complexity;
  • Emergency exits, associated with the repair of the systems of conditioning, ventilation,  cold supply and automation.

Service of ventilation systems

Company "Point of Climate" performs service maintenance of ventilation systems in any premises. To prevent accidents and ensure a long trouble-free operation of ventilation systems, our specialists will carry out regular diagnosis and disinfection of air ducts, as well as cleaning of the ventilation equipment, as pollution filters and other elements of ventilation - the main reason for the vast majority of faults.

Practice shows that the elimination of the consequences of refusal of electrical equipment or failure of the elements of the supply-and-exhaust ventilation entails a much greater expense than at the conclusion of the agreement for a scheduled examination of the condition of the ventilation system.

In the standard package of services on the service maintenance includes:

  • External visual inspection for the presence of mechanical damage;
  • Checking and cleaning the air filter and replace if necessary;
  • Measurements of the project and the actual figures of the flow rate and air temperature;
  • Inspection and cleaning of the air intakes and air distribution grilles and diffusers;
  • Checking the system of automation and management;
  • Testing and Debugging the shut-off valves with electric drive;
  • Adjustment of frequency regulators air;
  • Check the status and adjustment of the fan motor;
  • Checking the reliability of the electrical connections;

Servicing air conditioning

The specialists of the service department of the company "Point of Climate" carry out regular preventive maintenance and qualified repair of air conditioning systems, as on the basis of long-term contracts, so by the one-time request.

The list of main works:

  • Checking of the anchorages and fences and structures of external and internal blocks and elimination of defects;
  • Checking the efficiency of the air-conditioner in all modes;
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger of the external block (if necessary internal block);
  • Control of electrical equipment parameters;
  • Checking the efficiency of the evaporation of the unit;
  • Measuring the temperature of the input and output;
  • Cleaning of filters;
  • The control of the refrigerant pressure in фреоновой lines, and if necessary, filling the air-conditioners freon.

Frequency of service of air conditioners

The designated
of operation
per year
The frequency
of maintenance
per year


Apartment / Cottage

3  months

1-2 times


6 months

4 times

The server room

12 months

4-12 times

Commercial conditioner

Office / cottage 6 months 4 times
Production room Individually/ particularly At least 4 times
The server room 12 months 4-12 times

Industrial air conditioner

Office 6 months 4 times
Production room Individually/ particularly At least 4 times
The server room 12 months 4-12 times

Supply and exhaust unit

Apartment / Cottage 12 months 1-2 times
Office 12 months 2-4 times
Production room Individually/ particularly At least 2 times

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